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Dec 09, 2015Home Inspection, Inspection ServicesBy Home Inspector

5 Signs Your Home May Be Infested With Termites


[caption id="attachment_372" align="alignnone" width="450"] 5 Signs Your Home May Be Infested With Termites[/caption] As a home inspector, we are concerned about the potential damage termites can cause in and around your home. Termites are considered the top threat to wood-based structures, ahead of fire, flood and wind. In fact, termites cost Americans more than $5 billion in damage annually, according to the National Pest Management Association. Education on termite basics—identification, warning signs and preventive steps—is key to protecting homes from termites. 5 Signs of Termites Termites pose a serious threat to your biggest investment: your home. 1. Hollow-sounding wood: Termites prefer to be in dark,