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Jul 01, 2018Inspection Services, Wind MitigationBy support

A Guide to Wind Mitigation

As a homeowner, you can receive big credits when you outfit your home with features for wind mitigation that are more resistant to or can withstand high winds. If you are living in an area that has a lot of high wind, like Florida, it’s a good idea to have features for wind mitigation. What is Wind Mitigation? This means putting features in a home that will help increase the resistance to or withstand high winds that come from a hurricane or major storm. Why is it Beneficial to People in Florida? The FDEM says that 15 to 70% of the premiums of home

Jul 20, 2015Inspection Services, Wind MitigationBy Home Inspector

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

The inspection known as the wind mitigation inspection has the ability to, but isn’t required to, give you a reduction in the premiums for your homeowner’s insurance for the homes that were built before 2002. All of the insurance companies must provide a type of compensation, whether it’s as a lowered premium, refund check, or rate differential for the homes that are built after the year 2002. Who is able to do wind mitigation inspections? Only people who have received certification in wind mitigation inspections are able to do these inspections. Even though you are able to do one on your own for