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Oct 01, 2018Four Point, Inspection ServicesBy support

A Guide to the 4-Point Inspection

The inspection is known as a 4-Point Inspection’s many times required for a homeowner to maintain or get insurance coverage. Requirements of the inspection were designed by the insurance company so that they’re able to get a much better understanding of a structure for which they are providing insurance. This especially is pertinent when an older house is being insured. The older homes have had a lot more time to have their systems replaced or repaired or for their structure to possibly fall into disrepair. Homes that are older also might have been using construction materials or techniques that, although they

Feb 01, 2018Four Point, Inspection ServicesBy support

A Quick Guide to 4-Point Inspections in Real Estate

A lot of people associate a 4-point inspection with a vehicle. It also applies to an inspection in real estate. When it comes to a house, this inspection is a fast assessment of that property. It is often used when it’s not necessary to do a complete inspection or when the total inspection is thought to include a crazy amount of paperwork and not worth it. Even though you might not see a lot of these types of inspections, it’s always good to know what you should expect if this is something that comes up with the sale of a house. Who

Aug 05, 2015Four Point, Inspection ServicesBy Home Inspector

Why Do I Need a Four Point Inspection?

A Four Point Inspection focuses only on four main areas of interest in a home: HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Electrical wiring and panels Plumbing connections and fixtures Roof The inspection and report describes the condition and age of these elements. Why do I need a four point inspection? Insurance companies have become increasingly reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 25 years old or more). Their common concern is that there may be conditions in an older home that could become a liability to them. For instance; a home with a roof nearing the end of its reliable service life may fail while