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Aug 01, 2018Home Inspection, Inspection ServicesBy support

9 Tips for Finding the Right Home Inspector

If you are buying a house, one of the things that you want to do is hire an inspector. This is the person who is able to see what the problems are with the house and let you know what to expect. Below are nine tips for choosing the right home inspector.

Look Before Shopping

You want to find your inspector before shopping for a home. If you do it the other way around, time is going to be critical and it’s possible you’ll feel pressured to choose the first one you meet.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask people you trust, like family and friends, for their recommendations if they know of someone who has recently used one. You know that they are not going to steer you wrong.

Be Proactive

Make sure you are doing your research and asking prospective inspectors plenty of questions. This should include backgrounds, how long they’ve been doing their work, how many inspections they’ve done, and the type of report they are going to provide.

Look for a Knowledgeable Inspector

You should not just look for one that is specialized, like an electrician or plumber, but one that has a broad knowledge of the structures and systems of a home.

Verify Their License and Certifications

If home inspectors in your state are regulated, check with your state agency in order to verify their license and also check their record for any complaints. If inspectors are not regulated by the state, look for things like ASHI certifications.

Choose an Independent Inspector

Be sure that you are choosing an independent and objective inspector without affiliation with the agency that is selling the home. Also, make sure that they carry omissions and errors insurance.

Don’t Choose the First Inspector

Before you make a decision, speak with a few inspectors so that you can find the one that is right for you. Be confident in their demeanor and skills.

Find One Who Knows the Kind of Home You’re Considering

Homes with different designs, materials, and ages all have certain risks and have certain symptoms, clues, and signs of hidden damages. Make sure the inspector you choose has these sorts of things in mind.

Make Sure They Can Deliver

The inspector should deliver their completed report so that you have enough time to review it. You should also ask for a copy to be sent to you so you can send it to your family and friends.

These are nine tips that you can use to find the right home inspector. Use them and you’ll find the best inspector for your job.