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Jul 01, 2018Inspection Services, Wind MitigationBy support

A Guide to Wind Mitigation

As a homeowner, you can receive big credits when you outfit your home with features for wind mitigation that are more resistant to or can withstand high winds. If you are living in an area that has a lot of high wind, like Florida, it’s a good idea to have features for wind mitigation.

What is Wind Mitigation?

This means putting features in a home that will help increase the resistance to or withstand high winds that come from a hurricane or major storm.

Why is it Beneficial to People in Florida?

The FDEM says that 15 to 70% of the premiums of home insurance in the state of Florida are attributed to the risk of wind damage. Even though there’s a cost you have to pay upfront, putting these types of features on the home can help with saving you money.


Along with helping you with saving money, putting in these features can help with protecting those who are in your house if you go through a big storm. Putting some hurricane shutters on the windows or some hurricane straps on the roof can help reduce the possibility that flying debris will penetrate your home and endanger your family.

Techniques for Wind Mitigation

Water Barriers

Big storms often come with water. Sealing the roof deck, which is the layer between your roof’s insulating layer and primary structure, will help prevent water intrusion which could occur if your roof shingles are blown away from debris flying through the air or extreme wind. This will also provide an additional insulation layer which will make your home more efficient when it comes to energy.

Foundation to Roof Anchoring

Reinforce the walls of your home to your foundation and roof so that your load path is continuous and established. This will enable your home’s outer structure so that it can resist winds that are strong.

Window & Door Coverings

There are a few options that you can use to help protect openings, such as your windows, from the problems of flying debris and strong winds. Some popular options are storm shutters and shatterproof windows. Doors that are hurricane rated are also recommended, particularly for garage doors that have large openings. You can also put additional bracing on your existing garage door.

Doing Inspections for Wind Mitigation

Generally, it’s required that you have an inspection to figure out the credits that your home will receive. During this inspection, the certified inspector is going to look for key add-ons and features which will reduce the damage amount the home could suffer when a strong windstorm or hurricane happens.

If you live in an area that has a lot of wind, wind mitigation can help you save money and keep your family safe. Yes, you will spend money up front, but the money you can save on repairs and insurance can make a huge difference over time. It’s a worthwhile investment which can pay for itself.