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Mar 01, 2018Home Owner TipsBy support

7 Reasons to Have Regular Roof Inspections

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house. You want to make sure that you are keeping an eye on the roof so that you can avoid problems. One way to do this is through having regular inspections. Below are seven reasons why you want to have your roof inspected regularly.

1. To Assess Your Roof’s Wear and Tear

Based on the roof’s material, it’s possible that the roof is going to last for many years. As the years pass, it’s going to have wear that is normal. If when you don’t have big problems with your roof, such as hail or heavy winds, regular wear can lead to tiny openings in the roof. This means that it could leak. Having the roof inspected regularly will let the roofer identify the weathered areas that are going to need attention.

2. Assess Damage Following a Storm

Depending on where you live, you might have major storms and this can trigger emergency repairs to roofs and a lot of insurance claims. #2. To assess the damage after a storm. If there is a storm that causes a lot of damage to your roof, it’s not going to be fixed by itself and chances are that it’s going to keep becoming worse if you are waiting to have the repairs done. It’s important for you to have the roof inspection done following a storm so that you can ensure that it’s okay and, if there are repairs needed you know about them.

3. Assess Homeowner Caused Damage

If you’re someone who likes putting up decorations on your roof for the holidays, this is important for you to do. Whether or not you know it, a lot of homeowners do not know the way to safely walk upon a roof and not cause damage. if you’re someone who loves putting those decorations up and you’ve done it recently, you want to have the roof professionally inspected to see if there’s any damage.

4. To Assess Damage When Leaks Have Been Spotted

Spotting a leak is a really common reason for people to have an inspection. Sometimes there is more than to that leak that you see and leaks can’t always be seen. If you’ve spotted a leak, it’s your lucky day since it’s going to tell you that you should have it looked. Even if you’re not seeing a leak, there could still be moisture in the roof and cause mold growth, ruin the insulation, cause corrosion in your roof and rot the wood even if you’re unaware of it. That is why it’s important to have your roof inspected two times per year even when you don’t see any type of damage.

5. To Assess Vegetation and Tree Damage

Do you have trees that are in the yard hanging over the roof? They can cause some serious roof damage if their branches are being dragged across the roof. They can cause even more damage if the tree falls over and onto the roof. In addition, sometimes moss can grow on the roof and this can cause damage such as leaks.

6. To Keep the Warranty of the Roof Active

When you have a pretty new roof or if you have had it for a couple of decades, that roof could still be under the warranty. You don’t want to absorb cost damage and the best way to do that is by having it inspected on a regular basis. A lot of warranties will be voided by inattention and improper maintenance, so that’s why you want to have it inspected.

7. Prevention

A visual inspection won’t be enough. When you have enough damage so that you can see it, it will be way too late, and chances are that it’s going to be a lot of damage. Prevent caving, compromised structure and water damage by having the inspection done.

These are just some of the reasons why you want to have your roof regularly inspected. The point is that when you catch things early that you are going to have a better chance of avoiding major issues. You want to keep your home looking great. Having regular roof inspections can help you with doing.

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