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Feb 01, 2018Four Point, Inspection ServicesBy support

A Quick Guide to 4-Point Inspections in Real Estate

A lot of people associate a 4-point inspection with a vehicle. It also applies to an inspection in real estate. When it comes to a house, this inspection is a fast assessment of that property. It is often used when it’s not necessary to do a complete inspection or when the total inspection is thought to include a crazy amount of paperwork and not worth it.

Even though you might not see a lot of these types of inspections, it’s always good to know what you should expect if this is something that comes up with the sale of a house.

Who Requires 4-Point Inspections?

Usually these types of inspections are required by insurance companies. Sometimes its asked for because of another reason but the reason that is most common is due to insurance. If you’re looking to change your homeowner’s insurance or you want to see if you’re able to get a better rate, this kind of inspection will give an insurer a much better idea of your property’s condition that your policy is going to cover. These types of inspections are also common when it’s an older property.

Why Should Full Inspections be Skipped?

Even though these types of inspections aren’t a lot like the full inspections, since it covers just four areas, the inspection will still align with full inspections when it comes to those points. But when a buyer and lender are looking to know what they are getting into with buying or funding a home, the insurer doesn’t need or want all that paperwork. This type of inspection is concise and won’t overload insurers with a lot of useless information they don’t need.

What’s Covered by the Inspection

For the most part, this kind of miniature inspection will cover four main areas of interest: the ventilation, air conditioning and heating of HVAC, plumbing and components, electricity and components and the property’s roof. These are the four elements that could cause a homeowner to have an insurance claim. If those areas are in top condition, an insurer will feel a lot more confident about giving the homeowner a policy.

Additional Information

Just like full home inspections, these types of inspections require that each element is inspected and that their conditions are reported. Things that the inspector should be noting are defects as they’re discovered. Sometimes insurance companies have inspection forms that the inspector has to fill out or they could explain the things they need and expect the inspector to devise a report based upon their needs. Chances are that the inspector will take a minimum of two pictures, one of your property’s front and one of the property’s rear. However, they also might be taking pictures of the elements that they are inspecting.

This type of inspection is one that you will likely encounter as a homeowner at least once in your life and perhaps more if you are changing your insurance company. It’s a simple inspection and it can help you greatly to save money based on their findings.

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