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Dec 01, 2017Home Owner TipsBy Funnls.

8 Things Wind Mitigation Inspectors Consider in Insurance

If you live in Florida, you know that chances are that you’re going to have at least one hurricane a year. When it comes to getting homeowner’s insurance, sometimes you might qualify for a discount, depending on your house. Below are eight things that an inspector will look at to determine whether you can have a discount or not.

1. The Covering of the Roof

An inspector will want the information about the installation date of the roof and if it’s up to building codes. Florida’s code standard was last updated back in 2001.

2. The Attachment of the Roof Deck

An inspector will figure out what roof decking kind had been used and the way it’s been attached to its underlying structure. For example, if it was stapled or nailed down. If there were nails used, the spacing and length of the nails also is going to be noted.

3. Attachment of the Roof to the Wall

An inspector is going to focus on roof attachments. Have the trusses been attached using hurricane clips or nails? Do you have single or do you have double wraps? When your roof is more secure, you’ll have a better result.

4. Roof’s Geometry

An inspector is going to look at its shape. A good roof is going to resemble a pyramid.

5. Bracing of Gable Ends

If your roof is gable style, the inspector is going to review if its gable ends have been braced to the code standards. If a gable end measures over 48 inches, it needs reinforcement bracing and the inspectors are going to check it to see if it qualifies to get a discount.

6. Type of Wall Construction

An inspector is going to review the materials that are used on your house for reinforcement, outer fascia and framing and the percentages. If your home a concrete block that’s steel reinforced, you may get a larger discount than if you have plastic siding and a frame made of plywood.

7. Secondary Barrier for Water

This is something new when it comes to roofs. If you had your roof upgraded or installed prior to 2008, chances are you won’t have this kind of barrier. Just like with most of the newer features, you’ll need at least photographic documentation to get a discount.

8. Opening Protection

This is where an inspector is going to look for your shutters and devices that are installed-protection from debris blowing in the wind for windows and doors. The inspector also is going to check your devices’ ratings, if they are present. They want to know if they’re hurricane-rated. All of your openings must be covered with protection that is hurricane rated for this type of discount.

Having a home that is hurricane rated is very important, and it can help you with saving money on your home insurance. These are the things that inspectors look at, so you want to make sure that your home is protected as much as possible in case of a hurricane.

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