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5 Things to Know About Home Inspections

If you’re planning to hire someone so that they can inspect a home you’re thinking of buying, or if you’re selling your home and trying to find any hidden problems. You’ll have to fix these before putting the house up for sale. Below are five things you should know:

1. You’re Allowed to Choose Your Inspector

A realtor is likely going to recommend someone to do the inspection, but you can choose someone that you would rather have. NAHI members have to do a total training program, show they have competence and experience in the field, finish their written exam, and also adhere to the ethics and practice standards that the NAHI lays out.

2. Points Out Any Adverse Conditions Rather Than Cosmetic Flaws

It’s important that you go to the inspection and that you’re following your inspector during the inspection so you’re learning what is and isn’t important. There aren’t any perfect houses and inspections will uncover faults in the home. The inspection is going to point out any conditions that require repair and/or that can be a threat to safety when it comes to the home. They’re not going to comment on the cosmetic unless it impairs the home’s integrity. A home inspection also won’t perfect destructive testing.

3. Just the Basics are Included in a Home Inspection Report

There are literally hundreds of things that are considered during your average home inspection. It should include the house’s steps, exterior, decks, porches, windows, doors, and roof. Inside, the inspection will look at the electrical components, attic, central air and heating, crawlspace/basement, garages, and attic.

the inspector will report on whether the faucets are working or if they’re leaking, or if a garage door closes properly. An inspector could also point out things like damage from termites and make the suggestion that you have an inspection from someone who is in pest control. Your final report should be simple to understand and concise.

4. A Home Inspector is Unbiased

Based on the NAHI, the home inspector should be unbiased. The inspector is simply working as a third party who is unbiased and will do their duties with fidelity and integrity to their client. A home inspector who is reputable isn’t going to do the inspection or create a report if the fee’s contingent on conclusions that are not true.

Client confidentiality should be maintained by your inspector and all findings should be kept private, except when it’s required by a court order. This means that it’s your choice if you’re sharing your report with other people. If you’re selling, the report doesn’t have to be disclosed to a buyer but you have to tell them if there’s failures in the home’s integrity or systems.

5. An Inspector Isn’t Responsible for a Home’s Condition

An inspector won’t go under flooring or behind walls, so there’s always a possibility that there’s a big problem that is overlooked. Remember that the inspector isn’t a part of the sale. So if you’ve purchased a home where there’s a very expensive problem that surfaces once the sale goes through, you can’t hold the inspector liable, and you can’t make them reimburse you for damage. The truth is that you might not be able to seek compensation beyond your inspection’s cost.

When you’re buying a house, you’ll need the inspection in order to make a decision on whether you want to buy the house and if its condition is one you’re able to tolerate. You’re able to use your report as something to demonstrate to your seller that you want to get a lower price or that the home needs a repair. You also can take your report to your contractor and then use it for making repairs or remodeling a portion of the house.

It’s important to have your home inspection done, regardless of undue pressure from your seller or due to cost. The inspection is reasonable and it can help you save money in the future. It’s also something that a lot of lenders require, particularly when it comes to FHA loans. Without an inspection, you’re buying a pig in a poke, and you may regret it later. The inspection will give you the sound information needed for making the right choice when buying your home. Spend some money now to get a home inspection. You may find that it’s helping you save a lot of money and heartache later, since you’ll know what to expect from your home.

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