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Jun 15, 2017Home Inspections, Inspection ServicesBy support

What to Expect in a Home Inspection

Something that home inspectors first learn about their business is that the people who are buying a house or selling a house are often quite emotional. They are often waiting for the results from the inspection a lot like they would wait for medical test results.

The process of a home inspection might be foreign to you, but it’s really straightforward and simple. Below are the things that you should be expecting on the day that your home inspection happens.

Meeting the Home Inspector

When the home inspector arrives, they should introduce themselves and give you an explanation of the process. This also is a good time for you to mention anything that you are concerned about.

Home inspections often feel like they’re intrusive to sellers, and that is why when the seller’s present, a lot of inspectors will tell them how the process works. Both the seller and buyer should feel like they can ask the inspector any types of questions about the inspection they have.

During the Inspection

Doing an inspection will require the inspector to concentrate, and a buyer may not want to interrupt them to ask questions. If you’re feeling uncertain about saying something, make sure you’re writing down the questions that you think of and saving them to ask later. You can then ask them during the last inspection phase for the inspector to answer.

Inspection Review

After everything is done, the inspector will go over their findings with a buyer. Most of the time, the buyer is the one who is paying for it, and they should receive the inspection report prior to anyone else. They can then share it with anyone they choose.

At this point the inspector should share all of their pictures and findings, along with answer their questions the buyer has. The report then will be generated at the office before being delivered to the buyer along with anyone else they want to have it.

After the Inspection

Once the buyer has reviewed the home inspector’s report, it’s time to meet with their realtor and outline the items they’re requesting to be addressed either through monetary compensation or repairs.

The agent of the buyer then takes these requests to the agent of the seller. After the sellers have decided what will be done, the buyer is notified for approval or counteroffer.

Even though sellers aren’t required to fix the items, the majority of sellers will be reasonable and understanding. They know that when someone is buying something big like a house, they want to make sure that they’re making a good investment. Sometimes however, the seller can’t make the repairs or won’t budge. Then a buyer will have to make a decision whether or not their dream home is truly worth it, or if they should look elsewhere to find another home.

Professional Home Inspection Analysis

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