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Jan 31, 2017Home Inspections, Inspection ServicesBy Funnls.

Is a Home Inspection Necessary – 7 Reasons the Answer is Yes!

Many people who are purchasing a home know that there are a lot of costs involved. When you are spending so much money, having a home inspection can seem like an unnecessary cost.

So is it really important to have your home inspected? Although it may not be required, there are a lot of advantages that having your home inspected can offer you. Below are seven reasons why having a home inspection is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

#1: It gives you an out

When you have a house inspected, this can give you the important information about the house’s conditions as well as the condition of the systems. This will tell you the repairs, maintenance, and costs that you may have to right away and as time passes. If you’re not comfortable with the home inspection’s findings, it usually will give you a final opportunity to stop the purchase. This is very important when you are buying the property because it can save you a lot of money.

#2: Safety

The inspection will be able detect any kinds of safety issues such as carbon monoxide, mold and radon, three things that a home needs to be tested for. Be certain that the contract that you are signing says that if these types of hazards are detected, you’re able to back out of the purchase.

#3: Reveal any illegal installations or additions

The home inspection could reveal whether or not altered garages, basements, or rooms had been created without the use of the right permit or didn’t follow code. If there are illegal additions that weren’t permitted, it will affect the taxes, usability, insurance, and the house’s value overall. The truth is that you are buying something that doesn’t exist legally. Even when you are buying a new house with systems that weren’t installed according to code are going to become your financial issue. You’ll have to fix it and finance it. It’s essential that the house that’s being sold has to pass the inspection.

#4: Protection

A home inspection is going to be even more important when you are purchasing a short sale or a handyman special foreclosed house. A house that has been sitting for a while and have been boarded up often will have serious mold issues. These issues are very expensive to fix and will cause health problems. It’s common for people to remove outdoor compressors and copper plumbing fixtures from homes that are foreclosed so that they can sell it for quick money.

#5: Know about future costs

Your home inspector will be able to approximate how long ago the home’s major systems were installed such as the cooling and heating, plumbing, and any critical equipment such as water heaters. They’ll be able to diagnose the structure’s current condition and let you know the length of time that the finishes were inside the home. all of the components inside the home will have their own ‘shelf-life’. When you understand when they’ll need to be replaced will help you with making the essential budgeting decisions as well as help you determine the kind of warranties or home insurance you want.

#6: Determine the deal breakers

A home inspection can help you with identifying the amount of extra effort or money you’re able and willing to spend so that the home’s in the condition that you want it to be. If you’re not willing to fix issues such as cracked ceilings or walls or faulty gutters, it’s possible that you want to keep looking for your new home.

#7: See the whole picture

When you are having your home inspected, it can help you with learning what it means to actually buy that house. It goes beyond loving the location, wall colors or something else. Even though it looks good on the outside, it’s like judging a book by its cover. You have to delve into what the house has to offer to know whether or not it’s a good idea to purchase it.

These are seven good reasons that you will find to having your home inspected before purchase. Although you’ll have to pay to have the inspection done, it can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

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