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Jan 09, 2017Home Inspection, Inspection ServicesBy Funnls.

3 Benefits of Having a Home Inspection Done Before Buying a Home

If you are buying a house, one thing that you might wonder is if you should have a home inspection done on the house that you’re buying. Although it’s going to cost you a bit to have it done, a lot of people have found that it’s good idea.

Below are three advantages that you’ll find to having a home inspection done.

You Will Know What You’re Buying

No matter whether you are buying a completely new house or you are buying a preowned home, you should have the home inspected for you. It doesn’t matter how old the house is, you can find costly problems that you may not know about until it’s too late. Problems with easement, plumbing and wiring aren’t always visible during showings and you want to get the information from an expert.

You can Save Money

Even though the inspection is going to run from $300-$500, based on the age and size of the house, it actually can help you save money. When you decide not to do it, you might realize in hindsight that you should have had the inspection done when something major goes wrong the inspector might have caught.

You have Negotiation Room

A really big reason to have the home inspected before making a purchase is that it can help you with getting a price that is lower. If you are very interested in a house and it’s borderline with your perfect price, the information that the home inspection can give you can help you with giving you the power so that the price can be lowered. You also can put certain terms into the contract so you can be let out of it when there are problems in the inspection.


These are three good reasons that you should have any house that you are thinking about buying inspected. It can help you with saving money and it also can give you negotiation room. Think about the advantages of having a home inspection. Then you are sure to find that having one done is a great choice for you.

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