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Sep 15, 2016Home Inspection, Inspection ServicesBy Funnls.

8 Seller (and Realtor) Tips for Home Inspections

8 Seller Tips for Home Inspections

8 Seller Tips for Home Inspections

If you are selling your home and you are planning to have a home inspection, there are certain things that you should do to ensure the inspection goes well. Below are eight things that you should do to ensure that it goes well.

1. Turn on all Appliances and Utilities

All of your utilities and appliances should be on. All of your plumbing fixtures, appliances that are still in the house, cooling and heating equipment, and your water heater are going to be tested so they have to work unless it’s not safe.

2. Provide Access to Basement, Crawl Space and Attic

Inspecting a home will include the attic. But a lot of people choose to keep things in their closet which gives access to the attic. If you can only gain access to your attic through a closet, then you want to make sure that the closet is empty. Make sure that your inspector has clearly identified, safe access to the areas like the crawl space, basement or attic.

3. Access to the Breaker Panel, Water Heater, etc

The inspector is only to inspect the things that they are able to physically and safely access safely. If they are unable to access items or test them safely, it will be noted on their report. The inspector won’t move things to get access.

4. Service Records

Because central AC and heating systems need to be serviced professionally annually, it’s important that the service records be available to the inspector. The home inspector will look for a recent service record. If they don’t find any, chances are that the buyer will request the system to be serviced or cleaned before the house sale is closed.

5. Turn off Your Computer

Inspectors are going to check the receptacles, the operational wall switches, tripping the GFCI devices and resetting them, and other things. If you leave your computer on, it might be turned off accidentally. He isn’t sure what controls what in your home, so he won’t do it on purpose but that won’t help you if your son or daughter loses their term paper they’ve been working on for months.

6. Leave the Keys for Locked Areas

If you have an area that is locked, make sure that you are leaving the keys out for the inspector if you aren’t going to be home. they won’t be able to inspect your garage or shed if they can’t open it up. So be sure that you are leaving the keys for the inspector.

7. Clean the Clutter

If you have a lot of stuff in one of your rooms and the inspector can’t get into it, the room can’t be inspected properly. So rent out a storage unit for a month or so to place the clutter in so that the inspector has free reign to inspect.

8. Don’t Forget Pets

If you have pets in the house, make sure that the inspector knows. It’s really best if your pets aren’t at home when the inspector comes. If you can’t take them with you, placing them in a crate or a room is best. Make sure that you mark the room with a sign so that the inspector knows.


These are the eight things you should do to make sure that your inspection goes well. The better that the inspection goes, the higher chance you will have to sell your home.

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