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Jun 13, 2016Home Inspections, Inspection ServicesBy Home Inspector

Guide to Condo Inspections

Guide to Condo Inspections

If you have decided that you want to buy a condominium, it’s usually because of one of the following reasons:

  1. You’d rather build equity rather than paying rent.
  2. You don’t like your landlord
  3. The words traffic and commute don’t excite you
  4. You want to join a community.

No matter what the reason is that you are purchasing a condo rather than a house, one thing you want to do is make sure that you have it inspected thoroughly before purchasing it.

Why is it Important to Get a Condo Inspection?

Buying a condo’s an essential decision for everybody. But it’s really important that you gather all of the information that you can before you make your decision. An inspection of the condo can save you a lot of costly repairs and time along with giving you a comprehensive understanding of that condo’s condition overall before you purchase it.

What is a Condo Inspection?

A condo inspection’s a detailed property evaluation done by a professional who is qualified. It’s made to tell you about the property’s condition and how long the major systems in the condo are expected to last. It will let you see the whole picture to help you make an informed decision.

How Long is the Condo Inspection Going to Take?

The length of time will depend on the condition of the condo, it’s size, and how old it is. But in general, the inspection is going to take anywhere from 1-2 hours for the most part.

Should I be There for the Inspection?

This is definitely a great idea. The inspector’s going to give you some very valuable insight into the working of the unit as you’re going through the inspection. Some of the issues with condo inspections will be best when they’re pointed out to the client directly.

What Will the Inspection Include?

During the inspection, the condo and all the major systems the buyer’s responsible for are inspected. This includes the air conditioning and heating system, kitchen, patio, bathrooms, appliances, doors, walls, flooring, windows, plumbing, electricity, and all of the structures that are visible in the unit. There will be a report generated for you to inspect and it generally will include digital pictures.

Five Common Issues Discovered During Inspections

Here are a few of the things found when a condo is being inspected:

1. Water Damage

Toilet and sink leaks are known for causing water damage. Water damage can be a huge annoyance with just one bathroom, since it may be unusable for the repairs it needs. There can also be a lot of expensive repairs for the condo below.

2. Appliances

Dishwashers with water seals that leak, inoperative burners and elements on stoves and loose dishwashers in cabinets are all found during an inspection. These can all cause major problems for you and you need to know about them.

3. Bathrooms

Condo inspections often will find toilet bowls which have become loose from the floor, vanities that aren’t adhered completely to the bathroom wall and reversed valves on the cold and hot water taps.

4. Electrical

Issues in the electrical system might be things like reversed polarity, non-grounded outlets, and two wires that are connected to a single circuit breaker.

5. Windows

The inspection often will find windows that are difficult to operate, child locks that are damaged, non-operating locks, and leaks in thermopane seals.


Although it seems like an inspection is an unneeded expense when you are purchasing a condo, it can alert you to problems before you make your purchase. It can help you with arguing down the price or keep you from making a big mistake.

It also alerts you to problems that you may have in the near future so that you can weigh your options. Take some time and have a condo inspected before you make what could be the worst decision of your life.

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