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Jul 20, 2015Inspection Services, Wind MitigationBy Home Inspector

What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?

The inspection known as the wind mitigation inspection has the ability to, but isn’t required to, give you a reduction in the premiums for your homeowner’s insurance for the homes that were built before 2002. All of the insurance companies must provide a type of compensation, whether it’s as a lowered premium, refund check, or rate differential for the homes that are built after the year 2002.

Who is able to do wind mitigation inspections?

Only people who have received certification in wind mitigation inspections are able to do these inspections. Even though you are able to do one on your own for your personal knowledge, it’s not going to serve any purposes for insurance company satisfaction.

How can someone receive their certification in doing wind mitigation inspections?

Home inspects who undergo training in order become certified in the wind mitigation inspection is able to conduct inspections and sign the needed forms for insurance company.

Training involves a minimum of 3 hours mitigation training for hurricanes that was approved by the CILB (Construction Industry Licensing Board). The training has to include mitigation techniques for hurricanes and uniform mitigation verification form compliance. They also have to complete an exam to show that they are proficient and have a good understanding of the material. People who want to take on this work also must be working as home inspectors prior to becoming certified.

Is this inspection required by the insurance company?

Usually, this isn’t’ required by a home insurance company.   The mortgage company generally will require the homeowner provides proof that they have insurance coverage for windstorms before a person is able to own a home. As long as the coverage is there, it’s not essential for the inspection.

It’s possible to have the wind mitigation inspection personally so that you can see if it’s going to help you with qualifying for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. If your home’s equipped properly to withstand damage from wind, you may save from 10-45% on your insurance.

Is the wind mitigation inspection usually part of a typical home inspection?

This type of inspection isn’t part of a normal home inspection. Not all of the home inspectors received the certification and training to do this kind of inspection.  You may be able to find the home inspector who has received the certification necessary to do the inspection.  She or he may add this type of inspection to the home inspectional for a fee.

The wind mitigation inspection looks at particular home features to figure out how well the home will withstand high winds that come with hurricanes and tornadoes. It looks at the features like:

  • Wall anchors
  • Roof bracing
  • Shutters – automated coverings, permanent affixture to your home, cloth coverings, etc.
  • Glass that’s impact resistant
  • Garage doors that are reinforced
  • Constructed with concrete blocks

Water barriers (secondary)

When you have a lot of these features in your home, you are going to have a higher chance of getting insurance discounts. If you invest in upgrades and improvements, it’s going to help with keeping your home much safer when storms hit and will increase your home’s overall value.

You should expect to spend from $100-$150 for wind mitigation inspections. If you combine it with your full home inspection, the price could be cheaper, with a rate down to $85. Many times the inspection takes under an hour.

As your inspector goes through their inspection, they will fill out the inspection form based on their findings.  They will sign it when the inspection’s complete, and then give you your certificate for your insurance company.

With this certificate in their hand, the insurance company’s going to use that information for determining the discounts you might qualify for, if you do.